Employers can elect to hire all their employees for predetermined job categories through the Division of Workforce Solutions.

Employer agreements save the employer time by referring all potential applicants through the local DWS office. All referrals are screened according to the employer’s requirements.

Further, the universal exposure of listing job openings with DWS helps employers comply with affirmative action policies and federal contracting requirements.

Employers can receive personalized service by having a local DWS staff member assigned to them as an Account Executive. The Account Executive becomes the employer’s personal contact point, as well as the local DWS consultant regarding the employer’s needs.

Current job openings on file at the Roanoke Rapids DWS include the following:

licensed clinical social worker, tractor trailer truck drivers, controller, fiberglass laminators, CNAs, tutors, factory workers, parts associate, small engine mechanic, Human Resources Management Director, Senior Mathematics Teacher, bus drivers, office assistant, occupational therapist, industrial maintenance mechanics, auto rental management trainee, Analyst Lean/EHS, teller, health director, travel information counselor, kitchen manager, LPN, auto parts clerk, grounds worker, warehouse team members, assistant general warehouse manager, housekeeping director, special education teacher, habilitation technician, Social Worker-CPS, grill cook, forklift operator, HVAC Mechanic II, nutrition educator, sales associates, stockers, and Social Worker III-CPS.

For more information about these jobs and others, visit the Halifax/Northampton DWS Office from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Employers may call 537-4188 or fax 535-7943 to list job openings, or they may visit www.ncjobconnector.com to list job openings and find applicants.

Applicants may inquire about jobs at www.ncjobconnector.com.

Contact Tommy McKnight, DWS Manager, at 537-4188 for info.

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