The mother of a missing Roanoke Rapids teen is hoping her son comes home soon and fears for his safety if he doesn’t return to his family.

Brandy Sheard, the mother of Jamal Omar Briggs, 14, said she last saw her son when he headed off to school Sept. 26. She hasn’t heard from him since and is growing concerned as time passes.

“He’s gone off like this on weekends with his friends, but he’s always come home,” Sheard said. “I’m worried and I just want my son.”

Sheard said she filed a missing persons report 24 hours after her son disappeared. City police have been looking for him ever since, but Sheard said she believes her son is getting some help, stating someone as young as Briggs can’t live on the streets by himself.

She is hoping by getting the word out, whoever is helping Briggs stay hidden might help convince the youth to return home, and she hopes her son listens.

Sheard does not fully understand why her son would stay away for so long.

“He’s gotten to the age where he doesn’t want to tell me everything that’s going on,” Sheard said.

She also said Briggs bonds with people quickly, which could end up being something that jeopardizes her son’s safety.

“He doesn’t understand not everybody has his best interests at heart,” Sheard said. “That worries me more than anything. We haven’t been in Roanoke Rapids that long, only since February. You can’t have a long-standing friendship with someone you barely know.”

Sheard said she’s just intensely hoping her son will come to his senses and returns to his family.

“Just come home,” Sheard said. “Your brother, your sister, your daddy and me, we’re worried about you. We want you to come home. I love you and I want you to come home.”

Anyone with information about Briggs is asked to call 911 or the Roanoke Rapids Police Department’s Investigations Division at 252-326-3938.

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