SCOTLAND NECK — Following a heated argument Monday, a Scotland Neck man shot and killed his wife and then shot and killed himself, police said.

Scotland Neck Police Chief Joe Williams said Christopher Jones, 35, and his wife Lakesha Jones, 31, were having marital problems.

Christopher Jones went to Lakesha Jones’ mother’s home, where she was staying and the two, who were outside at the time, began to argue.

Lakesha Jones’ mother came outside to do some yard work, so the couple went inside.

“(The mother) went outside to feed the dogs, heard a shot, yelled and then another shot rang out. She called for help,” Williams said.

Being first on the scene, Williams said he found the two inside deceased, each from a single gunshot wound.

“I found the two subjects in the middle room of the house,” he said. “The female had been shot once. The male subject, with a self-inflicted gun shot wound, was in the chair immediately adjacent to her.”

Nearby was a 9mm handgun, apparently used in the killings.

Williams said there was no evidence a physical altercation took place between between the two victims prior to the shootings, and Scotland Neck Police had no prior assault reports on the couple.

“I believe this is something that just started,” he said, adding an autopsy is being performed on Lakesha Jones and police are finishing up the investigation.

Williams said Lakesha Jones was well known in the community, and was a Gulf War veteran.

The couple had two children, who are currently with family.

“I hate it anytime something like this occurs,” Williams said. “We feel the pain of the children, the family and the community.”

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Eldon Pittman
Eldon Pittman

What does Chief Williams mean "there was no evidence of an altercation between the two victims"?


I was told she went to Chief Williams for help a day before this happened and he did not help because her husband did not have priors. If this is true it should not matter if he had priors once she reported that he pointed a gun at her. An Officer should have spoke with the husband concerning the issue. Domestic Violence is never taken serious enough!!!!!!

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