ENFIELD — A community meeting is planned at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at White Oak Parent Child Center in Enfield to discuss the report released by the U.N.C. Center for Civil Rights “Unless Our Children Begin to Learn Together…” The State of Education in Halifax County.

Saturday’s meeting is being organized by The Committee to Save Education in Halifax County (Eastman Chapter), the Halifax County NAACP and the Concerned Citizens of Tillery.

Organizers said the goal of the Community Conversations series is to use the Halifax report as a tool to spark informed discussion of the state of education in the three school districts in Halifax County, the reasons for maintaining three separate districts and the possibility of district unification.

The Community Conversations series has also provided a frame of reference to discuss racial isolation and academic achievement gaps in a rural setting, organizers said.

The Community Conversations provide the Center with opportunities to interact with those most impacted by the educational system in Halifax County and to collect feedback on the report. 

The conversations will continue with a meeting in Littleton on Aug. 16. The Center for Civil Rights is also scheduled to give a presentation to the Halifax County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting Sept. 6.



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I view the Community Conversations as a postive step towards change that is greatIy needed to better the State of Education in Halifax County. I am a former graduate of the Weldon City School District who is for the district merging with Halifax County. The students in the Weldon City School District deserve a better education in a more diverse setting to prepare them for opportunity in the job market and world economy that awaits them. Students in the Weldon District are behind and losing ground in order to compete, and it is time for a change.

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