Wade Hockaday told county commissioners Halifax County’s lack of an enforceable noise ordinance has cost him too many sleepless nights.

Hockaday lives at 1455 Thelma Road. He said his neighbor has a band, and they like to practice late — keeping him and his wife awake.

“It’s a penetrating noise,” he told commissioners this week at the board’s regular meeting. “But this is not just for me. There are a lot of people around the county with the same problem.”

Halifax County District Attorney Melissa Pelfrey appeared before commissioners in 2009, informing them because of the wording, there was no way to enforce current noise ordinances. Commissioners agreed a new ordinance should be drafted, but it has not happened.County Attorney Bill McBlief said the legal department is working on the new ordinance.

“We will speed it up,” he said.

Timothy Dunlow, who is Hockaday’s neighbor and is in the band 3rd Cove, said the band is practicing about twice a week, and the only neighbor that seems to have a problem with the music is Hockaday.

“I’ve talked with the other neighbors and they said there’s no problem,” Dunlow said.

He said he’s surprised the Hockadays are having trouble with the noise, adding they live about 600 yards away.

He said when he lived in Roanoke Rapids, people were much closer and never complained about noise.

“We practiced all the time,” he said. “I can’t throw a football and touch the houses around me now.”

Hockaday and his wife said they have called the sheriff’s office at least four times in the past six months because the band has been so loud.

“If you’re in the house, you can hear the bass,” said Hockaday. “If you’re outside, you can hear it all.

“They call it music. I call it noise.”

Dunlow said the sheriff’s office has come by and did not see any problem. However, he said he has made sure the band stops practice around 10:30 p.m.

With his home currently for sale, Dunlow said it will not be his problem much longer.

“Let it be somebody else’s problem,” he said.

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I have the same problem with my neighbors dogs, your quality of life suffers a great deal


We too are subjected to the noise coming from Mr. Dunlow's band.We have not made a complaint because we knew that the Hockaday's had previously done so without resolution. Mr. Dunlow has not talked with neighbors as he stated in the article as we have never heard from him other than the noise he creates.I don't have a problem with his band practicing but see no reason he has to have his music so loud that it rattles our windows.Hopefully his house will sell soon as once he moves, there will be no problem.


I love the "MUSIC" i wish I could hear it at my house. Then I wouldn't have to go out!!!

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