Halifax County Health Director Bruce Robistow released the latest update regarding COVID-19.

As of Jan. 12, the Halifax County Health Department reports 3,500 total positive COVID-19 cases. The following is a breakdown of the positive cases:

• 59 new positive COVID-19 cases reported since Jan. 12

• 57 (1.7%) COVID-19 related deaths

The graph shows positive cases beginning March 25 through Jan. 11. The peaks and valleys indicate the daily number of positive cases. The yellow line indicates the trend of positive cases. The graph shows a sustained increase in the trend and a decrease since yesterday.

Please continue to practice the 3 W’s. It is very important that we all work together to protect each other by:

• wearing a mask properly covering your nose and mouth

• waiting six feet apart

• wash/disinfect hands frequently

According to the Northampton County Health Department’s Facebook page, as of Jan. 11, there are 1,257 total positive COVID-19 cases of which 1,105 have recovered and 59 related COVID-19 deaths. Currently, there are 93 active cases in Northampton County.

Please note COVID-19 updates will no longer be reported during the weekends or holidays going forward. Reporting will resume on Mondays and during normal business hours.

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