Note: The value of the property is based on the amount of the deed revenue tax stamp on file at the Halifax County Register of Deeds Office.

March 29

• Ronald and Amanda Rhea to DM Holdings & Servicing LLC, 1015 Jefferson St., Roanoke Rapids, $62,000.

• Joann Morris et. al. to Beth Shearin, 100 Landfall Court, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

March 30

• Curtis Williams et. al. to Samantha Moe, 607 E. Ninth St., Scotland Neck, $35,000.

• State Employees Credit Union to Bernice and Shelby Bailey, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Emery and Yvonne Doughtie to Kristen Clements, 1403 Chaloner Drive and 400 Sunset Ave., Roanoke Rapids, $113,000.

• James Harris et. al. to Patricia Ward, Roper Springs Road, Littleton, $6,000.

• G.C. Jr. and Sally Warren to Doris and Vonetta Harrison, Wolf Trap Court, Roanoke Rapids, $27,000.

• Anita and James Jones to Carline Brown, 144 Thelma Road, Roanoke Rapids, $7,500.

March 31

• Robert Hayward et. al. to Michael Love, 1 lot and 123 Cloverleaf Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $64,000.

• Charlotte Lewis et. al. to Timothy and Sarah Warren, E. Side Bowers Road/LaFayette Alston LD and Bowers Road, Butterwood, $134,000.

• Robert and Tennessee Waters to Ventosa K9 Kennel Inc., 1416 Clarksville Drive, Scotland Neck, $100,000.

• Roanoke Valley Rentals LLC to Timothy Robinson, 1487 Hawkins Chapel Road, Butterwood, tax value n/a.

• Timothy Robinson et. al. to Delta D LLC, 608 and 606 Oakley Ave. and 198 Mills St., Roanoke Rapids, $386,500.

• Pernell and Sandy Brinkley to Eugene and Luquinten Brown, Porter Road, Brinkleyville, $3,000.

• John and Sherry Bryant to Ann Cooper et. al., 148 Shearin Drive, Littleton, $570,000.

• Bryan Hollowell to Peggy White, 1453 Chaloner Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $60,000.

• Curtis Turner et. al. to Raymond Jr. and Janice Garner, Blue Sky Road, Weldon, $159,500.

• Samuel Shearin et. al. to Ronald Meredith et. al., 135 Ridgeview Court, Roanoke Rapids, $570,000.

• Claud Bryant Jr. et. al. to Agnes Lewis et. al., 2 lots N.C. Highway 561, tax value n/a.

• Claud Bryant Jr. et. al. to Nancy Cheeks et. al., 2 lots N.C. Highway 561 and Slashes Road, tax value n/a.

• Claud Bryant Jr. et. al. to Jessica Purnell et. al., 12201 N.C. Highway 561 and Slashes Road, tax value n/a.

April 1

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Tiffany Macon et. al., N.C. Highway 48, Brinkleyville, $124,000.

• Claud Bryant Jr. et. al. to Jerol Hale et. al., 12181 N.C. Highway 561, Halifax, tax value n/a.

• Donald Rose et. al. to Carlos Reyes et. al., 1877 Rhea-Smith Road, Roanoke Rapids, $82,000.

• Steven Lynch to Clifford and Arlene Jones, 614 Rapids St., Roanoke Rapids, $136,000.

• John III and Donna Grimes to Joshuah and Samantha Hall, 101 River Road, Roanoke Rapids, $258,000.

• Grant and Susan Staton to Johnathan and Amanda Hasty, 2 lots and 987 Acree-Edmundson Road Roseneath, $285,000.

• Dawn Porch et. al. to John and Rhonda Nixon, 117 Azalea Road, Roanoke Rapids, $130,000.

• Joshua Spragins to JAS Rentals LLC, 438 Fifth St., Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Michael and Heather Tuck to Larry Thompson, 151 Reagan Drive, Weldon, $25,000.

• Ganell Pittman et. al. to Ronald Beckham, 30 Pine Ridge Road, Roanoke Rapids, $150,000.

• Janice and Samuel Shearin to Dwight and Sandra Cox, 40 Madison St., Roanoke Rapids, $25,000.