Note: The value of the property is based on the amount of the deed revenue tax stamp on file at the Halifax County Register of Deeds Office.

Dec. 28

• Lawther and Elizabeth Whitehead to Grasunan Inc., 27668 N.C. Highway 125, Palmyra, $150,000.

• Lakeitha Arrington-Boone et. al. to Paulette Williams, 419 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids, $65,000.

Dec. 29

• Patrick O’Brien to El Brio Shores LLC, 102 E. North Main St., U.S. Highway 158 lot 2, Littleton, $100,000.

• Elias Enterprises LLC to Gail Arthur, Lakeview Drive and 121 Lakeview Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $20,000.

• Alvin Davis to Shannon Vandam, Roanoke Rapids, tax value N/A.

• Rose Tillery to Argo Batts, East Eighth Street, Scotland Neck, tax value N/A.

• Lafayette Demory et al. to Carlton and Gloria Davis, 1022 Sycamore St., Weldon, tax value N/A.

• Pamela and John Payne to Jermaine Williams, 225 Shell Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $177,500.

Dec. 30

• Ashley Furman et al. to Allison and Jonathan Atkins, Airlie Road, Butterwood, $244,000.

• Ashley Furman et. al. to Wayne Timberlake et. al., Airlie Road, Butterwood, tax value n/a.

• James Letchworth LLC to Roger Valentino, Dakota Drive Lot 7, Littleton, $7,000.

• Jason and Mary Myrick to John Hunter et. al., 179 Cheeter St., Littleton, $11,000.

• John Skinner et. al. to Donald and Barbara Heagren, Mosby Avenue, Littleton, $20,000.

• Alan McCarty et. al. to Roger Valentino, Dakota Drive, Littleton, $10,000.

Dec. 31

• Samuel Robinson et. al. to Don Brown, South Main Street and 215 U.S. Highway 158 E., Littleton, $250,000.

• Palissa Washington to Lynn Davis, Four St. James Road, Weldon, tax value n/a.

• Raymond and Stacy Atkins to Giancarlo Hasty et. al, 509 Cambridge Court and 407 Brownell St., Roanoke Rapids, $72,000.

Jan. 4

• Melanie Gardner et. al. to Markeisha Allen, 407 Brownell St., Weldon, $85,000.

• Greenwood Farms LLC to East Carolina Timber LLC, Old 125 Road and 2 lots Mullin Road, Roseneath, $99,500.

• Troubles LLC to Peggy Rightmyer, Marshall Street, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Peggy Rightmyer to Deborah Stewart et. al., Marshall Street, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• RMT Investments LLC to AG Creekside LLC, 2 lots Low Ground Road, Enfield, $300,000.

• Creek Road of Enfield LLC to AG Freekside LLC, 3 lots Low Ground Road, Enfield, $1,200,000.

• James Franks et. al. to MF Rentals LLC, 620 Fifth St. and 141 Valley Drive, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Marion Channelle to Barbara Smith, 254 Cemetery Road and Mary Chapel Road, Scotland Neck, $75,000.

• Ashton Bradley to Chester Warren, 412 E. Eighth St., Scotland Neck, $2,500.

• Pecan Acres Subdivision Corp. to Karmunisha Richardson, lot 4 Carolina Rest Home Road, Weldon, $18,000.

• Karmunisha Richardson to Antonia Davis, lot 4 Carolina Rest Home Road, Weldon, $21,500.

Jan. 6

• George Parrish Trust et. al. to Peter and April Shevlino, 100 Live Oak Place, Roanoke Rapids, $290,000.

• Blackwell Pierce to Laduke Fleet Service LLC, 1200 Julian Allsbrook Highway, Weldon, $300,000.

Jan. 7

• Arthur and Paula Elias to Andrea Jordan, 80 Hardwood Lane, Enfield, $259,500.

• RM5 Properties LLC to Thomas and Tracy Quackenbush, 192 W. Harbor Drive, Littleton, $770,000.

• Town of Enfield to Dennis Carter, Dennis Street, Bellamys Mill Road, Enfield, $5,000.

• Elizabeth Schuett et. al. to James Kerr II, Bellamys Mill Road, Enfield, $60,500.

• Deborah Pierce et. al. to Enfield Fire Department Inc., Glenview Road, Enfield, tax value n/a.

• Virginia and Herbert Leggett to Mandy and Mark Bobo, 2 lots Arthur Cross Road, Palmyra, tax value n/a.

Jan. 8

• John and Debra Pittman to Jon and Susan Baker, Eagle Court, Roanoke Rapids, $40,000.

• James Black to Russell and Sally Rineer, 1559 Piney Grove Church Road, Faucett, $130,000.

• Wallace Edwards III et. al. to New Dixie Oil Corp., 15th Street, Roanoke Rapids, $9,000.

• Robert Mann et. al. to Jeffrey and Veronica McDuffie, 316 W. Franklin St., Enfield, $67,500.

• Arlene Mercer et. al. to Minnie Sippio et. al., Ita Road, Brinkleyville, $28,000.

• Halifax County to Klausner Lumber Two LLC, 260 Piper Lane and U.S. Route 301 tract 3, Enfield, tax value n/a.