Note: The value of the property is based on the amount of the deed revenue tax stamp on file at the Halifax County Register of Deeds Office.

Nov. 15

• Jennifer and Haszal Mills Jr. to Sell Homes Quick, LLC, 186 Nuthatch Lane, Brinkleyville, $22,000.

• Vernon Bradley Jr. et. al. to Mario Martinez et. al., 25 Dole Drive, Weldon, $20,000.

• Vernon Bradley Jr. et. al. to Lisa Delvalle-Moreno, 311 Bush Court, Weldon, $20,000.

• Doris and Clarence Powell Jr. to Kaylen Martin et. al., 234 Winfield Road, Roanoke Rapids, $271,500.

• Sell Homes Quick LLC to Saul Umana et. al., 186 Nuthatch Lane, Brinkleyville, $30,000.

• New Dixie Real Estate LLC to Carolina Star Hospitality LLC, two parcels, Julian R. Allsbrook Highway and 1606 Julian R. Allsbrook Highway, Weldon, $495,000.

• Robert and Lanae Grime to Bunny Bowers, 232 Shell Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $130,000.

Nov. 16

• Harlan and Marjorie Gardiner to Pick & Roll LLC, 329 Poe Creek Drive, Littleton, $550,000.

• John and Rhonda Nixon to Carlton and Dana Lynch, 117 Azalea Road, Roanoke Rapids, $288,000.

• Glynn Rollins Jr. to Triangle 401 K Trust, Commissioners’s Deed, 413 E. 18th St., Scotland Neck, $20,000.

• Samuel Tripp to Triangle 401 K Trust, 510 Roanoke St., Scotland Neck, $15,000.

• Ceasar Neville to Christine Guardino et. al., 400 Sycamore St., Weldon, $58,000.

Nov. 17

• Larry and Sheryl West to Timothy and Lisa Herbert, 213 Panacea Springs Road, Butterwood, $62,000.

• Marinella Zaccaria to Walker Family Real Estate Investment LLC, 1007 1009 Oakley Ave., Roanoke Rapids, $83,000.

• Douglas Hill Farms LLC to Mark Thompson et. al., 7401 Douglass Hill Farm Road, Roseneath, tax value n/a.

• Linda Austin J/ TR et. al. to Edward Wilkerson, two parcels, Highway 48, Brinkleyville, tax value n/a.

• Ronald and Marrion Pugh to Olivia McLaughlin et. al., 1599 Horseshoe Road, Conoconnara, $75,000.

• Sylvia Lucas et. al. to Shearwater LLC, Weavers Chapel Road, Littleton, tax value n/a.

• Debra Helms et. al. to Shearwater LLC, Weavers Chapel Road, Littleton, $275,000.

Nov. 18

• Selma Lugo to Mark Walstead, 2582 Adcock Road, Brinkleyville, $91,000.

• Elizabeth Haggerty et. al. to Ann Smith, Drake Street, Roanoke Rapids, $50,000.

• Velois Young et. al. Stephanie Credle, Thelma Road, Littleton, value n/a.

• Joshua and Katie Spragins to Jas Rentals LLC, 438 5th St., Roanoke Rapids, tax value, n/a.

Nov. 19

• Kathy Johnson et. al. to Rosendo Pineda et. al., 609 E. 10th St., Roanoke Rapids, $52,000.

• DRM Group LLC et. al. to James and Emily Lyles, 751 Rivers Edge Parkway, Roanoke Rapids, $52,000.

• Almaree Neal to Samantha Hargrove, three parcels,308 Gibbs Ave., Gibbs Avenue and Gibbs Avenue, Brinkleyville, $88,000.