Note: The value of the property is based on the amount of the deed revenue tax stamp on file at the Halifax County Register of Deeds Office.

Oct. 4

• James and Nelder Mullen to Lisa Daniel et. al., 108 Creek Drive, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Rosa Demery et. al. to William Richardson, 1626 Thirteen Bridges Road, Enfield, $75,000.

• Donald and Katherine Bowman to Jennifer and James Little, 109 River Road, Roanoke Rapids, $257,500.

Oct. 5

• Michael Hedgepeth to Christopher and Shannon Crawford, Poplar Lane, Halifax, $25,000.

• Barbara and Charlie Solomon to Milton Hawkins, 101 Charles Circle, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Perry Parks Sr. to Jennifer May, 130 Valley Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $167,000.

• Nicole and Donald MacKay II to Joyce Harris, 313 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, $63,000.

Oct. 6

• Robert and Kim Capps to Tracy Qualls III, Tutelo Road, Brinkleyville, $15,000.

Oct. 7

• Willie and Louise Lynch to Windy Acres Real Estate LLC, Family Farm Road, Faucett, $9,000.

• Brian Sommer et. al. to Alex Mundo, 508 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids, $200,000.

• Theresa and Joseph Taylor II to Amy and Stacy Phipps, 97 Franklin St., Roanoke Rapids, $170,000.

Oct. 8

• Henry Rosser to Alean Harrison, Highway 561, Brinkleyville, $45,000.

• Catherine Cutchin et. al. to Roanoke Timber Services LLC, timber deed, Inscoe Road, Littleton, $140,000.

• Lula Coppage et. al. to Viola Pierce Leadership, Speaking, Coaching and Training LLC, two parcels, Jeremiah Church Road and 148 Jeremiah Church Road, Brinkleyville, tax value n/a.

• Alycia Mayle et. al. to Jeremy Parker, 819 E. 12th Ave., Roanoke Rapids, $41,500.

• Sallie Cozart et. al. to Robert and Martha Merritt, Starke Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $3,500.

• Maxine Clippard III et. al. to Carlton Matthews, 1004 Rapids St., Roanoke Rapids, $15,000.

• Faye Pierce to Resa Mills, 222 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids, $30,000.

• Daniel and Wendy Howell to Alexander and Jammie Gonzalez, 1033 1031 Burton St., Roanoke Rapids, $160,000.

• Chanelle Greth et. al. to Burton Dixon Jr., 111 Summitt Ave., Roanoke Rapids, $110,000.

• Jacqueline and Melvin Hunter to Alfred Barnes, 316 E. 18th St., Scotland Neck, $87,000.

• Hattie Mitchell et. al. to Alex and Brittany Sinka, 106 Live Oak Place, Roanoke Rapids, $257,000.