Note: The value of the property is based on the amount of the deed revenue tax stamp on file at the Halifax County Register of Deeds Office.

Oct. 12

• Vernon Bradley Jr. et. al. to Jeffrey Hairston et. al., 871 Highway 903, Littleton, $22,500.

• Dwight and Sandra Cox to Janice and Samuel Shearin, 1825 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Joseph and Deborah Wheeler to Ida Conwell, 903 5th St., Roanoke Rapids, $60,000.

• Mary and Hornor Richardson to Eugene and Cynthia Johnson, Medoc Mountain Road, Brinkleyville, $3,000.

• Alfred Davis et. al. to Katie Luck et. al., 101 Landfall Court, Roanoke Rapids, $375,000.

• Marion and Marian Walden to Nelson Johnson, Conoconnara Road, Conoconnara, $8,500.

• James and Shirley Sutton to Katie Campbell, 722 Cedar St., Roanoke Rapids, $88,000.

Oct. 13

• James and Cheryl Walker to James Durham, 1002 Bolling Road, Roanoke Rapids, $145,000.

• Ricky and Ladorne Bradley to Tonya and Charles Hasty Jr., 840 Poplar Lane, Halifax, tax value n/a.

• HMJ Holdings LLC to Michaela Turner, 1115 Jefferson St., Roanoke Rapids, $108,000.

• Wayne Keeter et. al. to Jacob Dixon, two parcels, 1912 Willow St. and Willow Street, Roanoke Rapids, $42,000.

• Kathy Richardson to Nathaniel Lynch, Hart Road, Brinkleyville, tax value n/a.

• Bryan Murphy to Olivia Williams, 407 15th St., Roanoke Rapids, $120,000.

Oct. 14

• Thomas and Pamela Thompson to Renzo Olguin, 38 Monroe St., Roanoke Rapids, $200,000.

• Gene and Claudia Neal to Bobby Neal, Windy Acres Farm Road, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Cheryl and Charles Norwood Sr. to Heather Vick, 315 Marshall St., Roanoke Rapids, $162,000.

• Premiere Home Properties LLC to Ashley Hull, 83 Davis Memorial Road, Weldon, $165,000.

• Charles and Joyce Cox to Raymond Rubin Jr. et. Al., two parcels, Highway 258, Scotland Neck, $90,000.

• Evelyn Brown to Aaron Lowe, 1265 Everetts School Road, Roanoke Rapids, $85,000.

• Nathaniel Williams et. Al. to Loretta and Brian Teele, 285 Thompson Lane, Littleton, $290,000.

• Jason Donahey et. Al. to Reggie Newell, two parcels, 120 Carmichael Circle and Carmichael Circle, Roanoke Rapids, $185,000.

Oct. 15

• Stella Ricks to Lisa Edwards, 1138 Charlotte St., Roanoke Rapids, tax value, n/a.

• Chethan and Tara Pandarinath to Shawna Mayo, 604 Cambridge Court, Roanoke Rapids, $69,000.

• Gregory and Jaclyn Bunch to State of North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, two parcels, 1376 Ringwood Road, Enfield, and Ringwood Road, deed of conservation easement, Enfield, $48,000.

• Donald and Rochelle Jenkins to Michael Bowser, Sam Powell Dairy Road, Roanoke Rapids, $6,000.

• Patricia Cullipher to Lux Homes Corporation, 138 Winterberry Lane, Weldon, $22,000.

• Phyllis Ventura et. al. to Jason and Mary Myrick, two parcels, Teal Lane and Highway 158, Littleton, $72,000.

• Allen and Jan Purser to Devon Lewis, 100 River Road N., Roanoke Rapids, $240,000.

• Christian Bird to Steven Lartz et. al., 401 Starke Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $150,000.

• Chester Sutton to Briana and Kandrian Goins, 1200 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, $126,000.