Note: The value of the property is based on the amount of the deed revenue tax stamp on file at the Halifax County Register of Deeds Office.

Sept. 13

• Cutler-Rue Farm Group LLC et. al. to Louise Bailey, Sam Powell Dairy Road, Roanoke Rapids, tax value n/a.

• Annie Miller et. al. to Latrinia Graves et. al., Edwards Ford Road, Scotland Neck, tax value n/a.

• Adam and Georgette Bondarek to Yvonne Thompson, 108 Dominion Court, Roanoke Rapids, $99,000.

Sept. 14

• Richard and Wende Eatmon to Robert and Delores Carter, 745 Poe Creek Drive, Littleton, $1,900,000.

• Barbara Winston et. al. to Jeremy Lane, 108 Piedmont Court, Roanoke Rapids, $109,000.

Sept. 15

• Dagwood Realty Inc. et. al. to Janice Shearin, 193 207 Pearson Hill Road, Roanoke Rapids, $116,000.

• Joseph and Edith Robertson to Jean and Fred Podruchny, two parcels, 2797 Ridgecrest Road, Faucett, $22,000.

• Brian Speight et. al. to Hadd Enterprises LLC, 306 S. West Ave., Palmyra, $12,000.

• Willie Ancarrow Sr. to Kenneth Christy, 901 Bolling Road, Roanoke Rapids, $162,000.

• Lori and Philip Strickland to Watson McDaniel Holdings LLC, Melton Bridge Road and 1520 Adcock Road, Brinkleyville, $125,000.

• UACE Inc. to Nafis Romero, 1020 Vance St., Roanoke Rapids, $18,000.

Sept. 16

• Christine and Clyde Peedin Jr. to Sandra Hudson, 315 Williams St., Roanoke Rapids, $135,000.

• Louise Boone to Aarron Clay, 203 Franklin St., Roanoke Rapids, $115,000.

• Juanita and Gary Hodge to Annetta Faulcon, Highway 4, Littleton, $8,000.

• Gail and Walter Mallory to Richard Pegg, 3885 Three Bridges Road, Faucett, $42,500.

• Randy Williams et. al. to Justin Watts, 1118 Washington St., Roanoke Rapids, $128,000.

• First United Methodist Church of Roanoke Rapids et. al. to Brenda and Jesse Thompson, 407 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids, $171,000.

• Veronica Powell to Wayne Bobbitt, 412 Whitaker St., Enfield, $15,000.

• Robin Harrison to Bernard and Debbie Morris, three parcels, American Legion Road, Weldon, $107,000.

Sept. 17

• Rodney and Brenda Yates to Nishitkumar and Candace Patel, Halyard Drive, Roanoke Rapids, $25,000.

• The Land Duo LLC to O’Neal Rentals, Piney Grove Church Road, Faucett, $79,000.

• Premiere Home Properties LLC to CMH Homes Inc., Roanoke Chapel Road, Littleton, $18,000.

• James and Heidi Hogan to El Brio Shores LLC, 401 Mosby Ave., Littleton, $80,000.

• BK Residential Development Company to James W. Baldwin, Woodlandhurst Road, Littleton, $190,000.

• Jo Ann Nicholson et. al. to Fairwood Lanes 2 LLC, Sunset Crest Lane, Roanoke Rapids, $5,000.

• Jennifer Bouchard et. al. to Elizabeth Silverstein, 239 Hunting Ridge Road, Roanoke Rapids, $253,500.

• Janice Sparks et. al. to Stephen and Kimberly Sparks, 3137 Justice Branch Road, Enfield, $300,000.

• Alton Whitehead et. al. to FPR-Fisher Properties and Rentals LLC, 604 Roanoke St., Scotland Neck, $26,000.

• Andrus Properties LLC to Harrell Property Investments LLC, 311 Church St., two parcels on Church Street, Enfield, $130,000.

• Roncellis and Sheila Marshall to Sandra Gorham, 2526 Medoc Mountain Road, Brinkleyville, tax value n/a.