HALIFAX COUNTY — Shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday, Mohamed Abdo Ali Mubarez, 20, formerly of West Franklin Street in Enfield, surrendered to law enforcement at the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, according to Capt. Anzell M. Harris.

Agents had obtained warrants for the arrest of Mubarez after an investigation of Mubarez selling marijuana while working as a clerk at the 301 Mart in Enfield. Agents had received information from Officer P. Pierce of the Enfield Police Department of Mubarez selling from the store.

Agent H.G. Phillips served the warrants on Mubarez for maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance, three counts each of sell marijuana, deliver marijuana and possession with the intent to sell/deliver marijuana.

Mubarez was given a $10,000 bond with a Feb. 17 court date.

At approximately 5 p.m. Thursday, Agents D.J. Epperson and B.J. Murphy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on U.S. Highway 301 near Dickens Wildwood Road for a motor vehicle violation.

After crack cocaine was located on 25-year-old Tremaine Devon Simmons of Oakley Avenue, Simmons grabbed it, swallowed it then attempted to run away. Marijuana and a handgun were seized during this incident.

Epperson arrested and charged Simmons with resisting a public officer, alter/steal/destroy criminal evidence, carrying a concealed gun and possession of marijuana greater than one-half ounce to one and one-half ounce.

Simmons was given a $10,000 bond with a March 17 court date.