Geoffrey Davis

Geoffrey Davis, attorney at Chichester Law Office in Roanoke Rapids, announced his resignation as the Town of Gaston’s attorney.

GASTON — Geoffrey Davis, attorney for the Town of Gaston, announced his resignation to the Board of Commissioners during a board meeting on Monday.

“I tendered my resignation today,” Davis told board members. “I can’t really go into it — it doesn’t have anything to do with anybody on the board or anything or anybody here in town or anything that’s going on in the town. I’ve enjoyed working for you guys.”

Davis, an attorney with the Chichester Law Office in Roanoke Rapids, retained his position with the town in 2018.

It is not clear why the sudden move, but Davis said during the meeting there were changes in his professional life coming down the pipe that he could not speak about at that moment.

“I think now is probably a good time to go ahead and try to start that transition,” he said. “I know I told some of you — I’m not just gonna leave you hanging.”

Davis said he put in the letter to the board that his effective date of resignation will be Nov. 15 to get through the next meeting. With the board’s permission, he said he will try to help find another new attorney to fill the position from firms he has in mind.

“I’ll reach out and kind of start that dialogue,” Davis said. “I know that we’ve had some contentious issues come up with the fire department. We’ve had some contentious things, but I’ve always appreciated everybody here — the town has been good to me even when we’ve been kind of on opposite sides of things.”

In other news, Chief Ed Porter Jr. of the Gaston Fire-Rescue-EMS Department said they are looking to conduct another drive-thru Christmas parade with the success of the one that took place last year.

Mayor Alice Delbridge agreed with the idea since the children appeared to enjoy the event.

Porter said, “That’s kind of our plan to is to veer away from traditional and go with that. I can’t tell you how many people we had from all over.”

Gaston Police Chief Corey Dixon agreed that it would help reach children with a drive-thru parade.

In other news, Dixon proposed adopting a business registration program to have documentation of the businesses in the area.

Davis suggested grandfathering current businesses in the town.

“So let’s say that you know there’s a business that has been operating in town, whether it’s one year or five years or 15 years — we then go back and say all right, now where’s our $75 or whatever we’re going to charge. I would kind of encourage us to grandfather those businesses in, and maybe to instead just go to him and say look we need you to fill out this documentation. We’re not gonna charge a fee because you’re already in existence, and maybe to set a date when we’re going to start this process for any new businesses that are going to open and that’s the way it’s gonna go.”

Davis then suggested setting a date for a public hearing for the town’s input.