By Staff Reports

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office received two reports of stolen motor vehicles throughout the county between July 21 and Aug. 24.

The two reports came from the Faucett Store Road area of Littleton and the Clover Lane area of Halifax, according to a press release from Chief Deputy Scott Hall. Both locations in which the thefts occurred were of vacant residence properties. Through an investigation by Detective R.B. Biggerstaff and NC License and Theft Agent Hannah Warren, the alleged suspect was identified as Christopher Mayle, 48, of Pleasant Hill. During the investigation it was discovered Mayle sold the vehicles at local scrap yards. Warrants were issued on Mayle for two counts of larceny of motor vehicle and two counts of possession of stolen motor vehicle.

Mayle was arrested Friday and received a $10,000 bond. Mayle has a court date scheduled for Oct. 13.