Need to Read

Adult Fiction

‘Pecked to Death by Ducks’ by Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill chronicles some amazing adventures in this compilation of short stories. Pick up this interesting collection of tales about “The Unnatural World,” “Tooth and Claw,” “Other People’s Lives” and “Risk” for an “armchair adventure” to another time and place.

Adult Non-Fiction

‘The Duck Commander Family’ by Willie and Korie Robertson

It was not too many years ago that the Robertsons and their “Duck Dynasty” were household names. Pick up this book and read how it all started. Read about the Robertsons’ cornerstones of faith, family and food, and enjoy some interesting recipes along the way.

Young Adult

‘Fly By Night’ by Frances Hardinge

In Mye’s world, books are considered dangerous and as such are highly regulated. However, Mye’s father Quillam teaches Mye to read. When Quillam dies when Mye is 8 years old, Mye’s life changes drastically. Left to the cruelties of her Uncle Westerly and Aunt Briony, Mye longs for two things: a way of escape and a way to quench her all-consuming hunger for words. Con-man Eponymous Clent may offer both — but at what cost to Mye?


‘Truck Full of Ducks’ by Ross Burach

Bernie is the owner of Truck Full of Ducks. When he gets an order for one truck full of his little quackers, Bernie loads them up and off they go. Everything is going well — until one of his fine-feathered friends eats the directions! Will Ernie find his customer? Or is Ernie stuck with a truck full of ducks?

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