Need to Read

Adult Fiction

‘The Good Fight’ by Danielle Steel

Meredith McKenzie lives a life of privilege: the best schools, the best social circles, the best everything. However, Meredith realizes that with privilege comes responsibility. As a lawyer in the civil rights era of the 1960s, Meredith never lacks for a worthy cause.

Adult Non-Fiction

‘The Seminarian’ by Patrick Parr

Much has been written about Martin Luther King Jr.’s immense and vital contributions to the establishment of civil rights. The hero he became was shaped by his earlier experiences in life. Check out this biography of King’s seminary years based on interviews with men and women who knew him during that time.

Young Adult

‘Dear Martin’ by Nic Stone

Justyce McAllister has a promising future ahead of him: top of his class at Braselton Prep, captain of the school’s debate team, and his sights set on Yale next year. When he is treated unfairly for trying to do the right thing in a difficult situation, Justyce realizes that even in these progressive times, there are still people who cannot see beyond the color of his skin. Having studied Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophies, Justyce begins writing a journal addressed to King in which Justyce tries to determine what King would do in the situations that Justyce faces. Then, Justyce experiences the most shocking situation of all.


‘Be a King’ by Carole Boston Weatherford

We cannot fix the whole world, but each of us can learn from Martin Luther King Jr.’s example. We can each do our part to stand up for what is right and work to be a part of the solution — not a part of the problem. How can you be a King?

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