Adult Fiction

‘Saving Parker’ by Dan Walsh

On a routine drug bust, Officer Ned Barringer makes a startling discovery. Chained and tucked into the back of an old shed is an injured, half-starved dog. When Ned takes the dog to a nearby shelter, the worker Kim Harper asks Ned to consider fostering the dog. Ned considers fostering the dog — and he also does a fair amount of considering Kim Harper!

Adult Non-Fiction

‘Food Can Fix It’ by Dr. Mehmet Oz

Common sense tells us that shopping, cooking and eating healthful foods is good for us. So, how do we do it? Dr. Oz explains how in this easy-to-follow resource. Whether you are looking to ease pain, improve memory, or increase energy, Dr. Oz has a good fix that can help.

Young Adult

‘Chew On This’ by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson

Did you know that up to 90% of a food’s taste can be based on its aroma? Did you know that the taste of a french fry is not determined by the type of potato but by the oil in which it is cooked? Did you know that one popular color additive is derived from dried, ground up … bugs?! Learn more about the fast foods you eat in this book — if you dare!


‘The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food’ by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Mama Bear has begun to notice something. Brother and Sister Bear are spending an awful lot of time snacking — and not on nutritious foods. Not only that, Mama Bear has noticed that Brother and Sister Bear are beginning to grow side to side as fast as they are head to toe! What can she do? Check out this book to find out!

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