Adult Fiction

“Deception Point” by Dan Brown

When NASA discovers a meteorite in the Arctic, a team of experts including National Reconnaissance Office worker Rachel Sexton goes to investigate. When the evidence points to a major deception, the team decides to look a little closer. Before they can report their findings, they are attacked by a team of assassins. Their survival depends on their finding the mastermind before they are all killed.

Adult Non-Fiction

“Peterson Field Guides: Stars and Planets” by Jay M. Pasachoff

There is nothing like sitting outside in the cool of an evening looking at the stars. If you have ever wondered whether you are looking at a star, a planet or a satellite, this resource will help you discover the answer. So grab a pair of binoculars, a blanket, a friend and check out the night sky!

Young Adult

“Stephen King’s Creepshow” by Stephen King

That time of year is nearly upon us. This graphic novel is a tribute to the horror comics of the 1950s. Check out this book and enjoy the thrills and chills of five of Stephen King’s sinister short stories.


“Scouts” by Shannon Greenland

Annie and her friends are looking forward to their summer vacation adventures. While camping out one night, they watch a meteor crash into the nearby woods. They decide to investigate, but discover that not every adventure is worth the risk.

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