Rep. Michael Wray

Rep. Michael Wray talked about what Senate Bill 105 means for the Roanoke Valley.

GASTON — The recent signing of Senate Bill 105 on Thursday is bringing needed funds to the Roanoke Valley, Rep. Michael Wray said.

The budget is the first approved since 2018.

The budget addresses many issues surrounding the Roanoke Valley, with some municipalities receiving funds for flood mitigation, revitalization, water and sewer treatment and other projects.

For example, Halifax Community College will receive a total of $7,391,008, of which $5,441,624 will go toward repairs and renovations that may include remedying the campus’s water pressure issue.

Wray said he put the specified amount of funds in the bill for the college to help with the water pressure issue for fire protection and safety concerns.

In addition to the budget, the William R. Davie home, which is located in Halifax, and the Historic Halifax Visitors Center are in the spotlight as the historic area is gearing up for the Halifax Resolves 250th anniversary in 2026.

Wray said he was able to put in $5,200,000 for the restoration of the William R. Davie home and upgrades to the center.

“If you go in there now, you can tell it’s outdated,” he said regarding the visitor center. “It needs to be fixed. So I’m trying to plan for the future.”

Weldon will receive $750,000 for an Amtrak station, which Wray said citizens could travel further to Washington, D.C., Florida or Atlanta.

In Northampton County, $19,025,000 will go to the area, with $14M of the funds going to a new courthouse, $4M toward a water project in Seaboard, $250,000 grant toward revitalization in Conway, $125,000 grant toward revitalization in Jackson, $300,000 grant funds for flooding in Rich Square and $350,000 to the Severn Fire Department.

One million is for a direct grant toward the Chockoyotte Creek regarding a flooding abatement project in the City of Roanoke Rapids.

In addition to the budget, Wray said $500,000 would go toward the Lincoln Heights Community Center.

“I got about $50M in the budget for our five districts,” he said.

The bipartisan effort in the General Assembly helped appropriate funds across the state.

A photo showed Sen. Phil Berger walking over to Wray and shaking his hand.

When asked what that meant to him, Wray said it shows bipartisanship during the times he spent discussing his input on the budget with Berger, Speaker of the House Rep. Tim Moore and others.

“It meant a lot for him to come over to our side of the chamber and watch the budget get across the finish line,” he said. “And, and it’s good to have that outreach and show how working together works.”

While there is much more in the budget for the Roanoke Valley, Wray said it is a big deal for area communities.

“This is going to make a difference and touch a lot of people a lot — a lot of lives,” he said. “These are a lot of things that have been lacking in all of our communities.”