Pictured is the box of marijuana.

ROANOKE RAPIDS — Phillip Launcelot Moncure was arrested in Franklin County in July after the Roanoke Rapids Police Department issued an arrest warrant for storing 19 pounds of marijuana inside a local building.

According to Capt. Jamie Hardy, at 11:09 a.m. on Dec. 22, a patrol sergeant with RRPD received an alarm call to respond at a building located at 316 Premier Blvd. The building was empty at the time of the incident and was owned by a person not associated with the current ownership, Hardy said. He said RRPD found an open door and was given permission by the owner to enter the establishment to investigate further.

“If we get an alarm call to a business, and we go there, and we find the door open, we’re going to automatically assume that somebody has been there that’s not supposed to be there,” Hardy said on Wednesday. “So, of course, we’re gonna check it out.”

Hardy said nobody was found in the establishment, but the patrol sergeant located freshly dried marijuana and cut marijuana stacked inside of a box.

“There was marijuana residue all over the place,” he said.

Hardy said everything was in plain sight and not hidden.

After further investigation, RRPD issued an arrest warrant for 58-year-old Moncure of Roanoke Rapids.

According to the arrest warrant, Moncure was wanted for possess with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver 19.3 pounds of marijuana; possess more than one and one-half ounces of marijuana; manufacture marijuana, which manufacturing consisted of growing marijuana, and drying marijuana in an off-site facility located at 316 Premier Blvd. The warrant also indicated that the establishment is separate from the growing location, which meant the building was being used for storage of the marijuana.

According to the State Highway Patrol in Franklin County on Tuesday, 58-year-old Moncure of Roanoke Rapids was pulled over by a trooper in the county for a traffic violation and arrested on July 7 due to the arrest warrant.

According to the Franklin County Courthouse, Moncure was pulled over for a seat belt violation.

According to court documents, Moncure received a total bond of $20,000, of which $1,000 is noted as a cash appearance bond by the defendant, and $19,000 as an unsecured appearance bond for his release. The document reads Moncure had a July 20 date in the Halifax County Courthouse district court.

Attorney Geoffrey P. Davis of Chichester Law Office was secured for Moncure in the State of North Carolina vs. Phillip Launcelot Moncure.

Moncure is charged with felony possession with intent to manufacture, sale and distribute marijuana, felony possession of marijuana and felony manufacture of marijuana. He has already made an appearance in court, with his next court date set for Oct. 27.

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