The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office continues investigating the killing of 19-year-old Quincy Mills as his family mourns the tragic loss.

On May 12, law enforcement responded to a call at Evans Farm Road on the outskirts of Hollister, where Mills was located inside of his vehicle dead.

Lt. C. Shane Guyant, public information officer for HCSO, said on Wednesday that Mills was shot but declined to divulge any further details regarding the incident. However, Guyant said that the sheriff’s office has developed a suspect of interest.

“The sheriff’s office has received several tips on suspects of interest, and we’re following up on those tips,” he said.

Walter Mills, Quincy’s father, spoke with the Herald Thursday.

Walter said he and his son were home when Quincy said he was heading out for a bit and would return, leaving a woman he was talking with inside. He said it had been a while, and his son had not returned. Walter said the woman asked him if he had heard from Quincy and that she had been trying to call him, and the phone would go to voicemail.

He said he called and texted his son with no success either. Walter said he asked the woman where his son was headed, to which she said to Evans Farm Road.

“All I know is, he just left — he said, ‘Pops, I’ll be back in a little bit.’ And like I said, he never came back home,” he said.

Walter said he left his home to go to Evans Farm Road and pulled up into the yard of a house where he found his son’s vehicle. He said he blew his car horn to indicate his presence, but nobody came out of the home. Walter said he got out of his vehicle and began walking toward the house to knock until he saw his son slumped over in the back seat.

He said he opened the car door and tried to get a response from his son, and checked his pulse. Walter said there was no pulse, and that was when he went back to his car to call 911.

“They didn’t have to take my son’s life like that — he was a good kid,” he said.

Walter said nobody in the area had anything bad to say about his son, and everyone knew and loved him.

“He was a good kid and wasn’t a troublemaker,” he said. “He just had the biggest, brightest smile. Whoever did it, I wish they would come forward because my son didn’t deserve this. Nobody deserved this, to be left out there like that — just left there like you’re nothing.”

Walter said his family is trying to hold everything together.

“I’m trying to stay strong,” he said. “Me and my mother raised him since he was a little boy, and she’s taking it hard. We’re a tight family, so all of us are taking it hard. They’re talking about his funeral arrangements, and we can’t get those straightened out because they haven’t done his autopsy yet.”

Walter reiterated that his son was a good kid and loved everybody.

“He didn’t bother nobody, and he’d give anybody anything he could if he had it,” he said.

On Friday, Lt. Guyant said the sheriff’s office is awaiting more evidence in the hopes for stronger leads.

Anyone with any information regarding the incidents can submit anonymously by calling Halifax County Crime Stoppers at 252-583-4444 or through the website at and then clicking on submit a tip, and entering the information.

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