Jimmie Silver

Jimmie Silver

Jimmie Silver, a retired trooper first sergeant, recently announced his bid through a press release for Halifax County Sheriff.

“I believe it’s time for a change in the leadership of Halifax County Sheriff’s Department,” Silver said in the press release. “Leadership that commits to professionalism, transparency, accountability and integrity; that will embrace modern police work, with an emphasis on being service orient.

“I will utilize data and technology to better manage resources. So that I can provide all citizens a safer place to live, work and raise their family. In addition, I will reevaluate the way the agency operates, to look for savings. I will seek out grants and training opportunities to ensure that the deputies and staff receive the best training possible.”

Silver said he would work with county leaders to increase staff pay with priority being deputies pay. He said he plans to partner with the community college and the state college system for staff development and leadership training.

According to the press release, he is a graduate of the North Carolina State University Administrative Officer Program and said he was taught that training and staff development is crucial to an agency’s success. Silver said he would work with the local court system to ensure that cases go to trial as soon as possible.

“I believe my experience in leadership with the North Carolina Highway Patrol has made me the best choice for Halifax County,” Silver said. “The experience I gained from working my way up from a patrol officer at Rocky Mount Police Department to retiring as the District First Sergeant leading Nash and Edgecombe County for the Highway Patrol has prepared me for this position. My experience encompasses so much more than law enforcement from the discipline I gained in the military, to the experience of working at Caledonia Correctional Institutional.

“I have gained appreciation for our youth through volunteering to work with youth whether in church or a community organization. I believe that you should listen to the people you serve and that commitment to professionalism is a must. I also believe that you should be equally committed to people that work for you such as the deputies, jail staff and support staff.”

Silver said during his career in the military and law enforcement, whether it was at entry level or in leadership, it was always stressed to take care of your people and your people will take care of you. He said one of his first priorities as sheriff would be to increase pay for the deputies and jail staff, along with community policing through partnerships with the other law enforcement agencies; and most importantly building a partnership with the citizens.

“I want to increase the clearance rate for major crimes, therefore reducing the overall crime rate,” Silver said. “I want to take weapons and drugs off our streets and out of our schools. This can only be obtained by enhancing our current staff training and pay. Having a sheriff that is available to his staff and the citizens he serves is my starting point.”

The press release stated he is a State Law Enforcement Instructor and has assisted with the basic schools for troopers as well as in-service training. He said he has assisted with background investigation for new hires and understands what it takes to obtain and retain employees.

“Therefore, I am asking for your support to make Halifax County a safer place to live,” Silver said. “I am committed to being a sheriff to all people. I am committed to be accountable for my staff’s actions. I am committed to sharing as much information as possible if and when a major incident happens.”