Party affiliation: Democrat

Relative experience: Retired educator, teacher, principal, curriculum specialist, board member.

Q: What is your motivation

for running for this seat?

A: I believe and understand that “Education is a Precious Commodity;” therefore, I am motivated to be a voice for public education. Public education is the vehicle by which all students can receive free access to an effective and efficient education, matters not one’s academic or physical abilities, economic status, race, gender, nor age. Public school is not afforded the concept of servicing particular persons or population, as is the right of every United State citizen, the public school system educates all people free.

Q: What does the school board for Weldon City Schools need to do differently to keep students engaged all the way through graduation?

A: Being the first school board, in the bi- county, to establish an early college to address the needs of those students that exemplify readiness to explore the ability to master high school and college subjects at the same time, and having a high graduation rate, Weldon School Board can continue to explore different ways to educate all students that exhibit different learning styles, abilities and natural ability in different fields of study. More electives such as carpentry, writing, drama, culture arts, orchestra and dance may be considered to be added to those being offered. Such established programs will keep every child engaged through high school and prepare them for higher education.

Q: If elected, what are your top three priorities and why?

A: If elected my three top priorities will be: 1. Teacher supplement: Teachers are the lowest paid professionals in the United States yet every professional must be taught by one in the teaching profession. If this injustice is not addressed, there will be fewer students in the field of education, hence, finding highly-qualified teachers a greater problem in many school systems. 2. Create and maintain highly effective and efficient programs: Systematic reviewals will be made for the retention of those programs which ensure every student receive a quality education and such programs met the needs of students, matters not learning styles or natural ability. Vigorous teaching and learning is essential. 3. Accountability for management of federal, state and local resources. An important answer to many problems is placing resources and investing in data proven initiatives that are effective when educating all children. Such resources include money and state-of-the-art structures, but not accepted as the only resources needed and used to address the problem at hand.

Q: Why do you think Weldon City Schools has ranked so low in the state in standardized testing? How does that change?

A: When one investigates and studies national, state and local test data notice is given that, Weldon City students rank within the national norm and sometimes higher, as students with similar demographics, backgrounds or experiences. This fact is a national concern. When the powers that be embrace the fact that one concept can or will never solve this dilemma when educating every children, and when understanding, then reacting, to the need of addressing many factors, change will and can take place in the public school systems across this nation. Weldon City Schools Board has proven such concept to be true in graduating the first Weldon City Early College Class and observing data from Weldon High School which gives notice to the dilemma. When being accountable for all students, attention has to be given to the understanding that we are working with human beings and a one fit all curriculum or standard will not or can solve the problem at hand. This can be seen when comparison is noted with the characteristics of the private, chartered and home school programs. All of which has its own vision and mission as do the public schools.

Q: Why should the public vote for you?

A: When seeking the publics’ vote, I consider it to be my commitment to accept the challenge of being entrusted with the education of every student in Weldon City Schools. Such commitment will ensure the schools’ vision is realized — to maintain effective ways to help students who are challenged in other settings and join others in realizing their dream of becoming a proficient 21st century learner. These learners will return to our community highly-accomplished citizens, as has other school officials. As a board member, I will be governed by N.C. General statues, standards and my moral convictions. In so doing, I will never be unsympathetic to the needs of the misfortune of others. Service to all with no obligation to recognize or have distinction of rank but to always keep in mind one is judged by what we are in purity and in nobility, while attending the needs of others with courtesy, sympathy and compassion. In acceptance the educational field is not equal, those in public education must ensure programs and experiences are the most important factors. The Exceptional Children’s Program is deemed just as essential as is the Academically Gifted or Foods and Nutrition is to Family Affair programs. It is with such established programs public school seek to educate children in the most effective and efficient manner. The outcome being: Every student being proficient in their grade according to state and national standards, which may or may not apply to other educational systems.