Wednesday night, while standing at my sink washing up the dinner dishes, I looked out the window and saw the dark clouds rolling in.

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Spring is the time of year that leads to growth in nature and revives the spirit after the colder weather and shorter days of winter.

As a commissioner for the Town of Halifax, I recently had the opportunity to write a letter to be placed into a time capsule in our Charters of Freedom display here at the historic Halifax County courthouse.

Last week I wrote about my back pain, and I’m happy to report I feel much better now thanks to Dr. Katie at Vitality Holistic Wellness in Roanoke Rapids.

My daughter and son have two children each, and they have decided to raise them in a manner that would develop a sense of gratitude. One way they are trying to accomplish that is requiring their children to say “thank you.” Whenever someone pays them a compliment or gives them a gift, they m…