“Raindrops are falling on my head, and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed nothing seems to fit. Those raindrops are falling on my head; they keep falling. So, I just did me some talking to the sun, and I said I didn’t like the way he got things done, sleeping on the job.

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During 2021, more minors have been shot in Chicago then have died from COVID-19 in the entire country, according to data from police and the CDC.

I’m officially 53, as of yesterday — and as you are reading this I’m probably walking the beach at Nags Head, picking up seashells and taking pictures.

I am always interested in what people in our community say about Halifax Community College. Feedback from residents, community partners and customers is a valuable resource. It is a tool we utilize to guide planning for future initiatives and programs and to improve current programs and serv…

Parents are rallying against school board members across the U.S., where Critical Race Theory is directly or indirectly introduced to children — even here.

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Hello, Roanoke Valley. Thank you for so many positive comments and compliments through phone calls, texts, emails and personal contact about my very first column. It really warmed my heart to know you care.

Twenty years ago today, I was 10 days away from my 33rd birthday. I was working as the Lifestyles Editor in the newsroom of The Daily Herald. Hard news wasn’t on my plate.

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There are many days we will never forget: graduating, walking down the aisle, the birth of our children… maybe even the tragic loss of a loved one. Many of us have a collective memory of the day the world changed for all Americans.

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As a pediatrician serving eastern North Carolina, as well as a father to school-aged children, I truly appreciate the important role that in-person education has on the health and well-being of students. Schools are where children make lasting friendships, learn important social skills and r…

RALEIGH — According to the most-recent ranking I can find, North Carolina requires state-approved licenses in more occupations (nearly 200) than most other states do. North Carolina licenses twice as many occupations as Virginia does, and three times as many as South Carolina.