This Apache motorcycle was produced in very limited numbers for approximately two years by the Brown and Beck Manufacturing Co. in Denver. The 1908 model was powered by a single-cylinder Thor engine, which produced 3 hp and transmitted power to the drive chain via internal gears and compensating sprocket, developing enough power to easily attain 30 mph. It is on display at The Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley.

There she stood — all crimson and velvet of her — an 1847 Victorian sofa trimmed in 3-D mahogany carvings of savage wolves and other random forest creatures.

Accompanying this beauty were supplementary pieces — chairs and a chaise lounge. While admiring the furniture, Andy popped out of nowhere stating in his thick English accent, “The furniture is so nice here, we can’t get some guests to leave,” pointing to the curled-up mannequin on the love seat across the room, dressed in vintage riding gear, complete with a helmet and boots.

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