Hello faithful readers — if you have been reading my column over the past few years, you will know of the journey Lakeland Cultural Arts Center has been on. What started as an update, a much-needed facelift, has turned into a total transformation, and the result is nothing short of spectacular!

From our new expansive, accessible lobby, to our re-imagined actor’s studio, to our perfect jewel-box of a 300 seat theater and movie house — you will be blown away by the finishes and thought to detail. This project has allowed Executive Director Peter Holloway and me the chance to design a theater and cultural art center that is a wonderful experience for both performers and guests. We have been working tirelessly (who am I kidding — we’re exhausted!) to get every marketing piece put in place, choose the perfect concert, and to TRY to anticipate every issue before it arises. A daunting task, to be sure. To help us, we hired three new members to our team—Ben, Paul and Tracy. Next, we activated our Board of Directors to go out into their communities and neighborhoods and help us spread the word. And now, we are focusing on the most important piece of our organization — you.

John DuVall is the managing artistic director for Lakeland Cultural Arts Center in Littleton.

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