If there is one thing I didn’t hear much about since the recent passing of Betty White, was her calling out to her late husband as being her last words.

I know it may seem like old news, but since Betty died on Dec. 31, the nation, if not the world, was taken by surprise and torn by who many deemed a national treasure. So, I’m forced to have a Facebook account to reach out to people for work and all I see are all of these posts of Betty approaching the pearly gates of heaven with suitcases and her dogs and meeting up with her sister-friends from “The Golden Girls.” Post after post after post shows everything of the good deeds and times Betty shared with the world, but then I wanted to know what may have been her last words she spoke before she passed.

I decided to look it up to see if anything of the sort, which apparently there is. According to reports, long-time friend Vicki Lawrence from “The Carol Burnett Show” said she spoke to Betty’s assistant, who said the last word out of her mouth was “Allen.”

The name refers to Betty’s late husband Allen Ludden, who died from cancer in 1981.

Betty’s agent, Jeff Witjas, said she died in her sleep peacefully and said she will be missed by everyone, including the animal world she loved.

“I don’t think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband Allen Ludden,” Witjas stated in reports.

“She believed she would be with him again.”

It was over the weekend I was talking to my mother about this calling from Betty to her husband and how I did not see one mentioning of this moment through any of my social media posts. I’m sure someone out there will cherry pick one moment in time that a snippet of the reference somehow made it through all of the animal love praises and Golden Girl posts that it was mentioned, but again, not the importance that it should’ve been.

My mother couldn’t have agreed more that many people were focusing too much on the well-known deeds of Betty White and missing the unyielding love she had for her husband, even after his death decades ago. This is something that I feel is who Betty truly is and should inspire many that companionship and love between two lovers can and should be eternal. I reflect on this idea and how the world is right now. Does anyone treat each other the same way Betty felt for her third husband?

We all would like to think that, but then again, dating is totally different, especially for my generation. I think we often get caught up on how we can improve ourselves and not so much how we can improve each other. And I’m not talking about how we can improve the way people are on a mass scale, but the union we create when we become in love with one person. I guess I’m a firm believer that a man makes a woman and a woman makes a man, but only if we’re willing to accept that threshold of change. And no, that doesn’t mean changing who we are, but the other half that completes us and enhances our character.

There is nothing wrong with that, as Betty was obviously touched in some way by Allen continuing decades after his death. That takes a lot for someone to commit and something maybe we all could learn from a woman who carried an old generation living that appears to be dying today.

We need to nurture our partners and build that foundation again and not pretend to be independent of each other.

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