Two young girls sit on a car in downtown Halifax watching the fireworks on Monday.

The Fourth of July — Independence Day, came and went on Monday for most people, but for me, it is a constant reminder of who we are — or how we will be remembered.

The celebration was held in many parts of the area across the Roanoke Valley on various days, and as part of my job, I covered some of those events. Regardless of it being a job, it is something I love because it is an experience that I cherish. Though the Town of Weldon held its celebration on Saturday for the first time since 2019, in my opinion, it could not compare to the simple Littleton Patriotic Parade earlier that day. I don’t mean to disregard Weldon’s event at all, as it was eventful, but Littleton’s parade gave me great pride and joy seeing more U.S. and North Carolina flags being waved and displayed.