2 weeks

I have watched our new president for a couple of weeks now and have been unimpressed.

I watched Donald Trump spend the better part of an hour answering all questions from a disrespectful news media group. I have watched Biden pick who would ask questions ahead of time and limit how many. I watched Biden laugh off the Chinese last year with his fall back “Come on man.” This week he seems to have seen the light and said we have to get going or they will eat our lunch. Wonder where he has been the last few years? I have concluded that our president is not the brightest bulb on the planet.

It might be time to curtail the breadth of Executive Orders. When a president can, with the stroke of a pen, eliminate the jobs of thousands of people while at the same time promise citizenship to millions of illegal aliens without any debate but for purely political gain, there is something wrong. He may change the name to “noncitizens” but that does not change what they are. They say the sign of a culture slowly failing is when it starts changing names of common items. Illegals to noncitizens.

Decisions are being made for purely political reasons. Canceling pipelines or drilling areas which change our status from self-sufficient in energy to relying on others. We get roughly 3% of our electricity from renewables. If you eliminate the 97%, where do you get the power? Germany eliminated all petroleum and nuclear power generation and the cost to users doubled. In Texas they have had to ask for people to cut back on electrical usage because it seems that wind turbines freeze up in extremely cold weather.

My concern is that actions are being taken without due diligence of what actions will be needed to achieve the end product you want.

We seem to have a group of misfits with no known accomplishments of their own that have decided we need to eliminate any person from the past that needs to be removed from our history. The result is rather confounding. Without Abraham Lincoln there would have been no Martin Luther King Jr. Without Washington there would have been no Lincoln. Countries who forget or eliminate their past have no future.

While “the Constitution” and “the American People” are still favorites of politicians while being meaningless to them we have added a new one: “Unify.” This means “do it my way or I will do it without you” which leaves us with a country with 50% representation. “Transparency” is defined as “until we are caught.” Politicians have concluded we are ignorant and I am beginning to think they may be right.

And “White Supremacy.” Is this the same thing that you find in Black African countries yet reversed?

Hugh Fowler