3rd world

What the heck is going on? I turn on the TV and am told that one in five children in North Carolina go to bed hungry.

The schools are feeding more children every year, especially breakfast. I went to El Paso, Texas, on business some years ago and while there they spoke of the problem their facility across the border (Mexico) had with the level of nutrition. Workers would show up in the morning barely able to stay awake for lack of sugar. The answer was to feed the workers three meals a day. Output increased significantly. Why am I mentioning this? Mexico is a third world country. I can only conclude that 20% of our kids live in a third world country.

This week our new president made known his new immigration plans — 11 million illegals, excuse me, non citizens, and probably closer to 20 million with an eight-year path to citizenship. We can feed, cloth, house, educate and medically cover these folks but can’t feed our own children. I don’t know who is in control of Biden but I think he should find some Americans to advise him. We have always been a country of law and order. Now we have laws written for certain groups. Does this mean that voter ID might become important? Kind of like packing the court. Our laws seem to have become group specialized.

Here is some of the information missing from the daily COVID updates. They tell us what percentage tested positive but not how many were tested, how many were added or deleted from hospital stays. I have often wondered when 10,000 tested positive and 95 were added to the hospital. What happened to the other 9,905, How many that were in the hospital were discharged, how many new ones were admitted, how many died?

I had my first Moderna on Jan. 19 and the second on Feb. 19. About four hours after that shot I started to shake and have chills. This lasted for six hours. I bundled myself up after the initial hour and buried myself in some of the warmest sheets and puffs made. Felt fine this morning. Temp varies. Wife had the same shot with no repercussions. Get the shot. Better anything then clogged lungs.

Thanks Mr. Harris.

Hugh Fowler