Cross section

White Supremacy — this is now the watchword of the Unify group.

Seems that if you are participating in any event and whites are in the majority, supremacy is in the offing. In the NBA I have never heard Black Supremacy mentioned. I am not sure what White Supremacy really means. If you were to visit Africa, I think most nations, minus the Mediterranean area, would exhibit Black Supremacy. I think that any country with a significant majority of any race or identifiable group could be accused of having a supremacy of some sort. This just seems to be the latest catch word. In England, music teachers at Oxford, I think it was Oxford, they want to eliminate sheet music because it is a holdover from colonial times and therefore racist. I have seen no program from the present administration to unify these supreme and non-supreme groups to even define what supremacy means. Maybe making everything free will solve the problem. Now all you have to do is find someone to pay for it so they can claim financial supremacy. Yea.

The XL-Pipeline was great for the green folks and Indians. Really? What they forgot was that it costs a huge number of gallons of diesel to move the trains or trucks to transport that oil to the same place the pipeline would have. Pollution from the train or truck diesel engines versus none from the pipeline — and the possibility of a train or truck accident. Oil we don’t get from this continent comes from the middle east. Tanker ships are the most polluting of all modes of travel. They burn the worst fuel that they could have done and pollutes the most. So, shutting down the XL was the least green thing they could have done. Shows that when you don’t use your brain but politics instead things get worse.

I wish Washington would be honest, just once. The bill they called “COVID” to get it passed became something completely different after it passed but still only spent 9% on COVID with the rest not needed pork barrel items. Now we have the “infrastructure” bill. Less than half on infrastructure and the rest on pork again. GK, where is ours? Just more national debt!

Now I see them trying to pass what is called HR1 to change our way of voting in order to get and maintain a majority. Be careful what you hear. Georgia just passed a new voting bill and many states are doing the same thing. The opposition is NOT being truthful in the statements they are making including the fellow who made a speech a couple of weeks ago during which he hammered home repeatedly the single word “TRUTH.” In my years I have come to the conclusion that when a person, especially a politician, repeats something constantly, it is not true. Even the Washington Post, a liberal paper owned by Amazon’s Bezos, gave President Biden Four Pinocchios. Truth? More likely Consequences.

Hugh Fowler