Green and others

It’s getting closer to Armageddon.

I hope that Biden has the common sense to expand on the “Middle East” peace program that Trump has started using his orthodox Jewish son-in-law as the arbiter. Time for him to realize that just because the other guy did it, it is not automatically wrong or bad. Peace and mutual relations are good things. If he rejoins the Iran Plan and walks away from the peace initiative then we will know we are in real trouble.

Speaking of the Middle East, the “Squad” comes to mind. They seem to be anti-semitic on the one hand and pro-green on the other — shows how confused these women are. First we are a country based on freedom of religion. How difficult is it to allow your neighbor to practice their own religion? Do they bother you? Secondly, they should take a flight over Israel. It stands out bright green. Get the connection? Israel is a self supporting planet supporting country as possible and irrigates and grows much of their own veggies. The other side of the border, Palestine, is brown as a berry or sand. They have both been living on the same ground for the same amount of time yet one is industrious and the other seems to not be. You would think the ladies would champion Israel for its commitment to being green. Hate is a destructive thing.

Wonder which might be better, capitalism or socialism? Incredible. The “Korean conflict” ceased in 1953, at which time they went their different ways. One became a socialist dictatorship ruled by fear of your neighbor and a GDP of $1.2 Billion with a B. The other became a free capitalist country with a GDP of $1.6 TRILLION. But the most visible difference between the two is in the lit areas divided by the 38th parallel. North of that line there are probably four lighted spots and the rest BLACK. South of the line it is just one huge lit area. Night and day. The difference between the “Squad” and the rest of America.

While Trump has a personality that turns many of us off, he was his own man. He knew what needed to be done and went about it in his own way. My main fear is that Biden is afraid of his own shadow and just about everyone else’s. And soon he will find out, as Harry Truman said, the buck stops here. The people making the decisions for him will not be held responsible for those decisions.

Hugh Fowler