I wonder

I have often wondered why we humans are always looking for the new and many times make a change that turns out to be a disaster.

Things are going OK but the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. Soon we get so enticed we jump over the fence. We don’t do any research and just jump many times with our family. We soon find out the grass is not as green as it looked and it is full of bugs, bees, spiders and red bugs and other itchy crawly stuff. It’s hard to go back for many reasons. Mostly pride. We lift and struggle to move a rock from our path to find and destroy a whole eco system under the rock. The rock wasn’t that difficult to walk around but now we have a mess to get through.

I am skeptical when I hear that a politician promises to drain the swamp. Everyone is excited to get rid of the old and change the ecosystem that when left alone works pretty well. There’s stuff living in that swamp that is rather ugly when we drain off the water. Have you ever seen a wetland or swamp area after it has been drained? Super ugly with nowhere for the displaced creatures except to become a big mess to deal with. Thus, the end is worse than the beginning.

I wonder if we stayed on our side of the fence and spent time working to solve our problems or if the path would be best left alone. Ironically the government will pay big bucks to restore the swamps and wetlands. We usually create some unexpected problems when we fixate on one way to improve our quality of life.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

George Campbell

Cary, formerly of Roanoke Rapids