Defund and reform the police.

Why is it that only the police need to be reformed? Why is it we don’t hear anything about defunding and reforming the criminal side of this equation? If they reformed we wouldn’t need all our police and have to worry about the bad ones. Why is it always the cops fault and never the perp?

I am waiting for one of these sinless talking heads to tell what he/she is going to do in the neighborhoods. What is Lori Lightfoot going to do in Chicago to end the shootings ending in death in the black neighborhoods? I am sure the people living in those shooting galleries would like to know what these “leaders” are going to do to secure their safety. I think that elected officials should be stripped of taxpayer paid security. Why should we have to pay to protect them from what? Especially when these same people want to take that same ability away from you and I.

I would like to see a record and a public record of where firearms used in a crime came from, and had the possessor of the weapon had a background check. Make possession of an unregistered firearm used during a crime a guaranteed five years in jail without any reduction available.

Systemic racism.

Definition: Racism resulting from the inherent biases and prejudices of the policies and practices of social and political organizations, groups and institutions.

Inherent: Existing in something as a permanent, essential or characteristic attribute.

And in law: Vested in someone as a right or privilege.

You will notice that those using these and similar words have a vested interest in maintaining racism. Those using these words are the ones who are doing exactly the opposite of what you would hope for. Are they using them in a peaceful way? I don’t think so.

Hillary and Barack were/are followers of Saul Alinsky. He has eight steps to overthrow a government. Hillary wrote her senior college thesis on Alinsky and Barack studied at his knee. Let’s review the eight steps.

1. Take over health care and you control the people. Ever heard of Obamacare?

2. Poverty — easier to control “poor” people.

3. National debt — raise as high as possible and then tax the rich and this will increase poverty.

4. Gun control — remove the ability of people to defend themselves and you have a police state.5. Welfare — take control of all aspects of life.6. Education — control what people read and listen to.

7. Religion — remove belief in God from government and schools.

8. Class warfare — divide rich and poor.Does any of this sound familiar? All of it?

And the house voted to make Washington, D.C., a state which would give one party the power to do anything they wanted. Have you ever lived in a dictatorship? Have you noticed that Biden just does executive orders when legislation is the congress’ job?

Unity equals 50% deaf/mute during election and now you can’t shut him up.

Hugh Fowler