Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on him and Barack Obama sat at his knee. He generated a list by which you could destroy a country. Hillary and Barack decided to try them out on this country. His name is/was Saul Alinsky.

Healthcare Obamacare, if you control health care you control the populace.

Debt 30 Trillion, you keep people through taxation. Remember that only 50% of voters pay taxes.

Poverty Poor people are easier to control. Poverty today is about the same as when the war on it started.

Gun control Eliminate a way for the people to defend themselves from the government and you have a police state. Remember that guns used in crimes are usually illegal.

Welfare Control every way of life; food, housing and income.

Education Creative Race Theory or race-based education equals the end of Brown vs the Board of education equals education based completely on color Martin Luther King Jr. would be in tears.

Religion Remove religion from any governmental body like Mr. Nadler has with Nancy’s permission.

Class warfare Poor versus wealthy will lead to making it easier to tax the rich until there are no rich

Luckily grassroots America seems to be awakening to the threat of this movement.

Now we come to another — monument removal.

Monuments to the founders of our country are being removed yet others are being erected. Removal is based on slavery. Erection is based on criminal record I guess.

1998 — 10 months for armed robbery

2002 — eight months for cocaine

2004 — 10 months for cocaine

2005 — 10 months for cocaine

2007 — Five years for armed robbery of a pregnant women in her home

When he was killed he was high on meth getting ready to drive a car (and possibly kill your kid). If you haven’t guessed, our volunteer criminal record is George Floyd!

Another subject

Percentage of cabinet secretaries who worked in industry compared to those who have spent their careers in government —% is for those in industry.

• FDR, 50% remember it was during World War II

• Truman the same

• Don’t have Eisenhower

• Kennedy was 30

• Carter was 32

• Reagan was 56

• Clinton was 39

• Trump was 90

Biden was unknown, but I would put money less than 10%. Socialists don’t usually work. Look at Bernie. When he was not collecting government aid he was employed by the government. As a result he thinks everything should be free.

Hugh Fowler