This week in several cases

During the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation, Kamala Harris spent 30 minutes one day and 20 the next asking irrelevant questions that had been asked by her colleagues endlessly prior to her turn.

What I found irritating was that since Harris was nominated by Biden she has not held a single question/answer session. She spent 50 minutes being disrespectful while Barrett answered every question without notes which I don’t think Harris could do on a good day.

Al Franken was forced out of the Senate by women primarily because he had “undesired groping with a woman.” We have a senate candidate who had sexual intercourse with a woman, not his wife, and the needle barely moves. Had it been Tillis the media would have had a hemorrhage.

Biden — the public does not deserve to know how he would handle packing the court. Kind of makes me wonder, beyond anything to do with that scumbag Hunter Biden, what else he is hiding.

Twitter/Facebook censoring any news on that selfsame Hunter and his dad. This should scare the hell out of anyone to know that the public can be shut off from the world with the click of a button by any of these companies. Just ask Boston when all communication was shut down after the bomb went off.

The UN human rights commission just appointed three countries to its board — China, Cuba and Russia. Can you think of any three countries that should not be on that board?

The President of China just told his military to prepare for war. Why is it that certain human beings think that their sole purpose for being on this earth is to kill other humans? If they would just take care of the well-being of their own people instead of wanting to annihilate others, including their own folks.

Biden tells us that he will not increase taxes on anyone making under $400,000. Yet getting rid of the Trump tax cut would raise our taxes, raising the taxes on corporations from 20% to 28% increases the cost of goods which is a defacto tax, changing the death tax does the same and on and on it goes. And all the while he has to refer to reference cards.

Amy Coney Barrett went through 44 hours of interrogation without a single note and they will vote against her anyway. The senators had endless three-ring binders with color-coded paragraphs to read and when they were done they often left the room. They should have taken a vote right at the beginning and saved us a lot of stupid senator speechifying. They should just go for the two votes and get it over.

They continue to say that Biden would unify the country. Joe Biden could not unify conjoined twins let alone a country. And I keep looking for GK Pelosi or Nancy Butterfield signs. Have you seen any?

Hugh Fowler