Washington is a joke

Washington has shown once again how ignorant they are. They failed to raise the debt ceiling. What a joke. How many times have they done that? And to what end? It is a meaningless gesture.

Our friend Nancy Pelosi said that if the limit is not raised the government will have to shut down as soon as the debt limit is reached. They will furlough government employees because they “don’t have the money” to pay them, yet those people will be given the money they did not raise a finger to earn when the limit is raised. And remember that our good friend Nancy said we had to do this, yet the three-plus times it was needed to be raised, our friend Nancy voted against it as did Schumer. Probably when Trump was president. Then remember we are already $30T in debt. Seems they only get excited about money is when they have spent so much they have to raise that limit. And now they want to spend another $5T.

This money is OURS even though it does not exist. The cost of gas has gone up 50% in some areas, not including $0.15 yesterday. Why? When you reduce the supply you increase the cost. Thanks Joe.

Inflation is about to make some significant jumps while we see shortages in goods. Ships are sitting off the West Coast because of worker shortages. Thanks Joe. Shouldn’t blame it all on Joe — save some for Susan Rice and Nancy. She got outmaneuvered by some novices. When you only have a couple of extra votes in the house you better have them all. She didn’t, partly because of her ego. When we elect a person to represent us we hope they take our values with them, but now we know that they are coerced by “leadership” to vote the party line. If they don’t then that “leadership” disciplines them by taking away committee appointments and financial assistance among others. To be honest, the Congress is one of the most corrupt organizations known to man or woman.

I am going to try to get names, backgrounds and political affiliations. Joe just nominated an avowed communist from the University of Chicago who is a college professor. Hmmm. See you next time.

Hugh Fowler