Weird week

What a weird news week. A local newspaper quotes Biden as saying that Trump is putting a dagger into our democracy.

This during a “fiery” speech on Jan. 6, 2021. While the Jan. 6 demonstration was perhaps not the smartest of ideas, it has since been referred to as an armed insurrection. While Pelosi’s congress is spending how much money on endless hearings to get to the bottom of this, an assistant director of the FBI when asked if any FBI agents were involved on Jan. 6 said she could not comment. Which bottom are they looking for? Oh yes, the number of firearms found on demonstrators was a big fat O. Armed insurrection? Must have been referring to the FBI. As for the cop “beaten with a fire extinguisher,” seems he died of natural causes.

Then Biden flies off to Georgia with Harris to try to get the voting laws changed — wants the federal government to run the show. He doesn’t want voter ID but does want absentee ballots, mail in votes and others. In Europe, every nation but one has voting restrictions, and they are changing — demands voter ID, bans absentee ballots, mail in votes. They seem to think that these things promote fraud. Surprise, surprise. I believe that the Constitution gives the control of voting to the states. During the last election things called Zuckerbucks were generated and were paid for by Mark Zuckerburg and his wife to the tune of $400,000,000, yeah that is in the millions. Members of their group would move into voting areas where the outcome was in question. In exchange for Z notes they would work with local election boards and in some places take over completely. Can you think of a single federal department that is clean? Right!

Most recently, the Secretary of Education seems to have been the fellow behind the Department of Justice, note that last word, who indicated that he wanted the National Education Board to refer to parents as “domestic terrorists.” Now half the departments in DC are falling all over themselves crying “not me,” including the White House.

Now they want to get rid of the filibuster so they can change the rules so they have a chance to pass the voting rights bill. They never learn. Seems like every time they change a rule it comes back to haunt them. They also forget that every time they open their mouths there is some sort of recording device in the area. Biden and Schumer among others are on video tape telling how bad it would be to get rid of the filibuster. That was when it was to their advantage to have it. And that happens every time some rules get in the way.

Thank God for Sen. Joe Manchin. Keeps these hypocrites from taking over for now at least.

Noticed that when gerrymandering didn’t go his way he decided to retire with a nice pension. Butterfield, that is, along with some 25 of his buddies.

Hugh Fowler


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