Where was Joe Biden?

I watched Joe Biden shout at a member of the news media when he was asked about making payments of around half a million dollars per individual of separated illegal families. He shouted about the previous administration taking children away from their parents. While I am not an advocate of this sort of action, Obama did it and where was the diminished Biden then?

Where was Joe Biden when four American citizens were killed in Benghazi including the Ambassador? They were separated from their families never to be reunited.

Where was and is Joe Biden when an American citizen is killed by an illegal?

Where is Joe Biden when an American citizen dies of an overdose of drugs he has allowed to enter the country through his “open border?”

Let me hear him shout and cry for the citizens of “his” country before those who broke our laws as their first action upon breaking into my country. If he wants to be “president” of a foreign country, let him move.

They can’t seem to understand that to get inflation to slow down, as if they seem to care, is to simply reinstate some of Trump’s actions. I would really like to know who is making all these decisions and then handing them to him. I will stick with Susan Rice, as she is the only person whose name you never hear.

I think Joe should pay the difference for the fuel used in Air Force One from Jan. 20 and today. I heard it was $57,000 per hour. Just the increase — that way he would understand how inflation caused by him affects the rest of us.

And have you heard about Harris’s “De Plan” or is it “Le Plan”? I am more and more wondering if this woman has a functioning brain or is she just a cruel joke.

Hugh Fowler