The weather outlook for the weekend looks great — Saturday, 60/38 and Sunday, 67/48 — mostly clear for both days.

Oh. My. Goodness! It’s fall y’all! Sweater weather and my happy time is finally here.

I tolerate every single year the hot, nasty weather of summer while I anticipate the glorious fall. Every morning this week the chilly blast has hit me in the face when I leave to go to work.

In my mind, I picture the movie scene: Camera angle from afar, Tia standing in her yard with her eyes closed, face turned up to take in the fresh, cool air. Her arms go up in happiness, as the camera zooms in for the closeup … she smiles, she spins and leaves begin to sprinkle down, and she is enjoying the wonderful feeling that is fall. Of course, that last part is put into slow motion for effect.

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes small things make me happy, and who doesn’t need that happiness right now?

All week I have been going through summer clothes, letting some go that I didn’t wear, and saying to myself, “Oh, I just got that long-sleeved, pink, soft, warm top — I can finally wear it Friday.”

Yes, I’m excited about pulling out my flannel, my warm hats, scarves — you know, the comfy clothes.

With my small living space, switching out clothes based on the season and temperatures isn’t easy. It’s darn-right depressing (for me, at least) putting the cold clothes away and pulling out the summer clothes. My attitude completely changes when reversing that, from summer to fall clothing.

So all you hot-loving folks, I’m sorry for being so happy, but not really — you had your warm weather long enough.

The cold weather makes me want to put my Christmas tree up. I mean, the first new Christmas Hallmark movie will be shown on Oct. 24.

I have yet to get my Hallmark Christmas movie watching mug, blanket, slippers, PJs, T-shirt, socks, etc. — there’s so much to chose from, which tells me there are many who like them just as much as I do. I need to do something about that, maybe a comfy blanket first.

I am ready for the cold nights, hot chocolate, Christmas movies, and snuggling with my dog. And this year, I don’t think folks will think anyone is crazy for getting an early start on Christmas decorations. It’s been a pretty depressing year, so why not get an early start on Christmas? After all, it’s the time of year that brings the best out of people.

Editor Tia Bedwell can be reached at or 252-410-7056.

Editor Tia Bedwell can be reached at or 252-410-7056.