Approaching storm

A storm rolled through the Roanoke Valley on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night, while standing at my sink washing up the dinner dishes, I looked out the window and saw the dark clouds rolling in.

They were so ominous, I had to step outside to snap a photo. I didn’t take the time to grab my fancy camera because those scenes change so fast, and besides phones these days take pretty awesome photos.

I loved the photo, but sometimes I wish I was in the country and had a display without the electric wires and telephone poles, but it is what it is, right? I still love the storm scene I was able to capture.

To be honest, I sometimes like a good storm, as long as it isn’t scary. When this one rolled into the area, there were spots of bad weather and large hail, and “The Masked Singer” I was watching on television was constantly interrupted by emergency alerts featuring tornado warnings. This type of weather is scary, but just a normal thunderstorm can be soothing.

The sounds of gentle thunder, the sky lighting up and the rain falling can easily put you to sleep. Now, I said gentle — I don’t want the loud BOOM that wakes you up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night.

When a storm rolls through, it always reminds me of a song by the late, great Eddie Rabbit, “I Love a Rainy Night.” If you don’t remember this song, take a listen at, but here are a few of the lyrics:

“I love a rainy night.

I love a rainy night.

I love to hear the thunder,

Watch the lightnin’ when it lights up the skies.

You know it makes me feel good.

I love a rainy night,

It’s such a beautiful sight.

I love to feel the rain on my face,

Taste the rain on my lips,

In the moonlight shadow.

Showers wash all of my cares away.

I wake up to a sunny day ...”

Music just makes me happy, and especially this song. Those lyrics are what I’ve always felt when a storm rolls around.

When I was younger, I laid in bed by my opened window, allowing the breeze to blow onto my face while I watched the sky light up during a storm.

And at the beach, a storm is even better. I know some of you are saying, no Tia! When you are on vacation, you want beautiful weather.

But really, a storm at the beach makes for great photos, and you feel your hair whipping around in your face and the smell of salt air is even stronger.

Mother Nature makes you feel alive when she smacks you in the face just a little. Next time it rains a little, look up, let it fall onto your face, and thank God you’re alive.