The sun sets on the beach at Nags Head.

As I drove to work Thursday morning, I took in the ice-covered trees while driving down Roanoke Avenue. The white trees were very pretty.

That morning it really didn’t take long to clear the ice off my windshield, so I knew it wasn’t bad — yet.

Anyone who knows me knows I love the cold weather and snow, but the weather we have been having lately is getting on my nerves.

I know we need rain to prosper — I get that. BUT, enough is enough. I laugh at the memes I see on Facebook which say, “Oh, thank God it’s raining again. My mud puddles were just starting to dry up.”

It’s true though! My yard is a disaster, and just forget about Sampson going outside to potty. He does his “I’m a king strut,” stopping cold turkey on the porch — one look at the rain and he just looks up at me with those eyes, “Really mom? I don’t think so.” I force him outside for number one, but number two — sometimes I have to get that up from the floor inside, and that’s OK. He’s a Dachshund, so I get it — short legs, short to the ground.

Also, my friend Susan Molina and I have started walking, but the weather has slowed us down. It just really stinks.

The weather and being stuck at home has made me long for a vacation, even if it’s just a short weekend getaway.

I know people usually wait until summertime to go to the beach, but I’m ready to go now. The crisp ocean breeze and my hair whipping around my face is just the kind of boost I need.

One of the most enjoyable times I had at the beach once was during the winter. There wasn’t a soul on the beach, very peaceful, and shells as far as I could see. The best part? It snowed!

Yep, the OBX is calling my name, and I hope to get there before the hot weather rolls around. Oh, and after as well. Who says there can only be one trip a year to the beach?