The first full weekend of college football is tomorrow and I am one of those NCAA football fans who marks X’s on the calender, counting down until this weekend.

Yeah, the season started last night, but there is nothing like the first full weekend.

Around the clock coverage, from noon to midnight, of college football. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread if you ask me. Better than opening day of baseball, the world cup and the Super Bowl combined in my opinion.

But the opening weekend does not come without its fair share of drama, as always. From Columbus, Ohio, to Miami, Florida, college football is accustomed to starting out with a huge, dark cloud hovering over stadiums across the country. This season, the cloud has found a home in College Station, the home of the Texas A&M Aggies, but more importantly, the home of Johnny Manziel, AKA Johnny Football, who whether he likes it or not, has become the face of the sport for better or worse.

All across the landscape, fans, media and the general public had some sort of opinion when the news broke Wednesday that Manziel would only miss the first half of the Aggies home opener versus Rice Saturday. Last season’s Heisman Trophy winner will sit out two meaningless quarters, for allegedly signing his autograph on some A&M items and getting paid for it.

The court of public opinion has reached a guilty verdict on Manziel. A&M and the NCAA must feel a certain kind of way if they are making him sit out a half. I am sure Johnny got a little pocket change for his signature and that ticks a lot of people off.

Well guess what, by the time the smoke clears, many die hard football fans will forget all about it. That is the thing with college football. For the most part, fans realize these are young adults and young adults make mistakes. College football fans are quick to forget and forgive.

With a full lineup from Saturday to Monday, there will be enough games to quench the thirst of college football fans to forget about the summer of Johnny. I am absolutely certain of that. You see, as long as somebody is scoring touchdowns, making tackles and winning games, we the fans of college football are a forgiving bunch. If Manziel comes out and has a great couple of games, all will be forgotten. He will join the ranks of Lawrence Phillips, Peter Warrick, Terrell Pryor and majority of the starters from the 2010 UNC team, as players who missed time for misbehaving during the summer, but got back on the field and all was forgiven.

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