What is really going on with this division? That’s a rhetorical question because there’s no excuse.

Numbers prove the NFC East has had the most success overall in terms of appearances and wins in Super Bowls. It had 12 wins in the title, ahead of AFC North with eight, and had 20 appearances, ahead of AFC East with 18.

As much as it pains me to say, being a Philly fan myself, Dallas leads the division with five wins and eight appearances. The New York Giants have won four of their five appearances while Washington has won three of its five appearances. The Eagles had a whopping two chances to win a ring but returned home with no hardware.

Ask any fan of a team in the NFC East and we’ll tell you how brutal the division is in terms of competition and intense rivalry amongst the teams.

This year, however, it’s been a “hot mess.”

From the start of the season, NFC East teams have looked like they’ve been playing to try and lose – my own opinion, but I’m sure I share the same feeling as any other fan in the division.

Let’s just recap the season thus far for each team in terms of general problems.

The easiest club to laugh at: The Giants.

I wouldn’t say Eli Manning is the problem, but, well I am.

Manning loves playing hot potato with the football, but he plays with everyone but his teammates.

And did you know there is a website, manningface.com? I encourage you all to glance at it. It’s epic.

If it’s not Manning throwing games, it’s special teams. Y’all better get your act together because head coach Tom Coughlin might just pass from old age on the sideline during any given game.

My favorite team to dissect – Dallas.

Here’s the Cowboys’ problem, and I mean overall, because like any other team in the division, I could go on and on about specific problems: Jerry Jones. He’s a business man who made most of his money in the oil industry, should not be owner and manager of “dem boys.” And their fans are in for a long Jones run because when the old man croaks, he’s got young guns of his own blood that would probably take over for the most egocentric man in football. By the way, Cowboys, you’re not America’s team. Everyone in this country despises you except for your obnoxious fan base.

The step-child of the division is Washington ... I honestly can’t figure out the Redskins at all. Maybe they will try and trade up in the draft, losing higher round picks for a player that stands helplessly looking in on the sideline. Cough, RG3, cough, cough. I’ll be honest. I know they defeated Philly this season, but I’m just not threatened by Washington. I don’t hate them as much as I despise Dallas or New York.

That leaves me with the Eagles — Ugh.

I could start with head coach Chip Kelly and his personnel issues, but that opens the flood gates to so much more. Being an Eagles supporter, I am going to criticize the fan base.

Every August, Philly fans secretly are hopeful. Every January, however, they believe next year is their year. When is that actually going to happen? Let’s just be Vikings fans – full of hope but bracing for the worst every season.

I am sick of the “how many rings do you have” argument from everyone else. None. That struggle alone is the worst. There’s no band wagon ever for this team – making Eagles’ fans the most loyal, toughest and bitter fans in the division and arguable in the league.

Philly’s downfall is just that – its bitter fan base, one that gives a negative connotation to “home-field advantage.”

Yeah, we beat the Patriots Sunday, but it was a New England team full of no names on the receiving end of Tom Brady passes.

Let’s all come to grips with reality. The NFC East is the laughing stock of the NFL. Whoever comes out on top is just going to crumble in the opening round of the postseason anyway. God speed.

Sarah Bloom can be reached at sports@rrdailyherald.com